Serie las leyendas de Marvel. El hombre araña vs. los seis siniestros, 3.75 pulgadas

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When villains cross paths with Spider Man, they always seem to get tangled up. But when Doc Ock summons some of Spider Man’s most challenging adversaries to form the Sinister Six, the web slinger must swing into action, striking down his enemies one by one. A tribute to Spider Man battles past, this pack includes all 6 3.75 inch original Sinister Six character figures plus Spider Man, and is packaged with retro, classic Spider Man design. From Kraven the Hunter to the ever elusive Marvel’s Mysterio, these figures let fans imagine the web slinger facing off against some of his most formidable adversaries. Featuring multiple points of articulation, character inspired accessories, and premium, highly detailed styling, these Sinister Six figures and Spider Man figure are an epic addition to Marvel Super Hero and Super Villain collection. Copyright 2016 MARVEL. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.

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