Kaiyodo Neon Genesis Evangelion Revoltech Fraulein Super Poseable Action Figure #019 Rei Ayanami

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Product Description Height: approx 150mm. Anchor with you and be warm. You want to anchor myself warmer. - Fraulein 'Rei' is, Evangelion (broken) re-appearance of the movable structure, according to the latest series. - Launched in the 08 Series No.001 1 compared to the advanced body construction: soft PVC front of the fuselageAdoption. Can not inhibit their ability to bend forward to accommodate a variety of poses. - Part 2: structure hidden inside the roll rotation of the thigh, and maintain a beautiful appearance. - Part 3: Wrist and two-axis motion-sensitive exterior includes a mobile-oriented joint structures 11 species,Correspond to the various postures and grip Kakiageru hair things open. - Part 4: Face part exchange, three patterns can look at the usual smiling face bandaged. - Comes with a wrist bandage bandage face for bangs, presentations make the image. - Glasses and Evangelion, NERV paid mobile phone, comes with display stand for display. - 22 locations where mobile - 10 revolver, used Madorajointo ~ 2pcs - Accessories: NERV phone ~ 1, Evangelion glasses ~ 1, wound dressings bangs ~ 1, wrist bandage wrapped ~ 1,Optional interface ~ 2, optional hand ~ 11, display stand ~ 1,Pointoribochippu 10 ~ 1, ~ 1 Ribokontena

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